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The catgirls from Cat Wishes have new adventures to share!

  • It's been a year since Tabbi became a catgirl and she still isn't any closer to figuring out where to go in life. So when an unusual—but appropriate—part-time job opportunity comes her way, what reason does she have to turn it down?
  • After some afternoon exercise, Tora feels up for sharing the events that led to her own personal awakening, a long time ago and half a world away
  • ...and 3 other stories about catgirls finding their place in the world!

Hey hi hello! You’re about to read a collection of short stories set before and after the events of Cat Wishes, my second-ever light novel. It's also about catgirls! You should probably read it before continuing further. You'll enjoy the following pages more and understand the characters better.

That said, it's entirely up to you! I just want my readers to have the best experience possible. ^^

Please enjoy, and let’s keep making wonderful things together!

This is a light novel of 61 pages with 1 color image & 14 interior black & white illustrations.

Heads up: this light novel includes Therapy Catgirl Tabbi and Tora's First Day in their entirety, along with 3 new short stories and never-before-seen art!

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AuthorAlex Zandra
Tagscatgirl, catgirls, Gender, gender-feels, light-novel, tf, transformation, Transgender


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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As the resident Tabbi in my tabletop group, I relate very hard to this.

Thank you for giving us more of these cat nerds! I'm really inspired by it, and one day I swear I'll get off my lazy horse and try to write something in the same vein. The world needs more fun catperson stories that stomp all over the gender binary!

Yayyyy! I finished reading the original + the Tabbi spinoff just yesterday and loved both of them! Are you planning to release the sequel also as ePub? It was very nice to be able to read it on my Kindle after converting it! PDFs are a bit more dicey to deal with, but if worst comes to worst, I will get it and read it on my PC!


I'm so glad you liked the stories! ^^ An ePub version is in the works, and should be available in the near future!


A collection of fun short stories. I was glad to hear from Ollie and Evie again! And I appreciate the storytelling here, there's just enough implication in Cat or Go Home to fill in some gaps implied in Tora's First Day.