Hey hi! Here's the game I made with Vinny, Alex and Dan during the first Giant Beast Academy. Enjoy this silly bit of prototyping! :D

  • Requires 3 players with controllers
  • D-pad to move
  • STEVE: A to jump & dump (in the air)
  • MINI-STEVE: A to freeze, RT to drift to Steve, X to absorb into Steve, Y to self-destruct
  • STEVE MAGNET: X to shoot out Mini-Steves (can destroy platforms)

Included in the downloads is the original Construct 2 file in case you'd like to look at it, take it apart, and so on. Let's keep making wonderful things together! ❤

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AuthorAlex Zandra
Made withConstruct
Tagsgiant-beast, giant-bomb, Prototype


wecantdotheminioncup.capx 427 kB

Install instructions

Requires Construct 2 Personal Edition to edit.

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