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Personal growth is hard.

Sometimes we need a little help.

It's hard to be productive when we're depressed; doubly so when it feels like the very seasons are against us. And sometimes, once we start digging, we find that the roots of our discomfort run surprisingly deep.

Professional artist Cano knows this all too well, falling prey to winter doldrums year after year; it's become practically routine at this point. When the weather turns cold, they shut themselves in and ride out the sadder months of the year. But what if they didn't have to accept this? What if they stood up for themselves, and took action?

What if, in a fit of self-actualization, they made an impulsive online purchase and got more than they bargained for?

More than a year in the making, Plant Lamp is an illustrated light novel about surviving, thriving, and the messy path between the two. I hope you like it! Let’s keep making wonderful things together.

Featuring the art of Ayla Arthur!

This is a light novel of 160 pages with 10 color illustrations.

v3 Update: Thanks to a print run kickstarter stretch goal, interior illustrations have been fine-tuned and upgraded to fill out the entire page!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorAlex Zandra
Tagsdryad, Furry, Gender, gender-feels, light-novel, Magic, plant, tf, transformation, Transgender


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Not only is it a great story of self-discovery, it is quite possibly the best if not the only complete "plant vibes" story in existence. In light of this innovation this story gets the Plantera Trophy of Outstanding Genre Excellence.


Very clearly realised story about finding yourself and the bumps on the road along the way.  Not sure what else to say except I'm impressed with it and recommend it highly?


another great story of yours Zandra! wholesome, imaginative, and full of relatable gender feels! you do such a good job of taking unfamiliar sensations (like, what does it feel like to be a plant) and conveying them in evocative ways. really enjoyed this!


Awwww this was a really lovely read ^_^