Welcome to the first public demo of One Last Cup.

  • Keyboard to type
  • ENTER/SPACE to proceed
  • SHIFT to toggle previous text
  • UP/DOWN to navigate previous text
  • 0 to toggle audio
Alex Zandra - @havochq
Lena - @kuraine
Erica - @aurahack
v0.50: Limited dictionary at the moment. Thank you for understanding. <3
StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorAlex Zandra
Made withConstruct


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This demo was a lot of fun! It’s like the best of “Coffee Talk”, “Her Story”, and “Shadow Run” all put together.

I tried to go to the ikonoclast.love website, but it doesn’t seem to be up any more. Are there still plans to finish this game? I’d love to support it!

The short introductions of each characters through their own dialogues is rather charming and well-narrated, but man a little bit continuation about their circumstances wouldn't hurt :"D

 (I got "..killed by autonomus.....and they never drank together again", what's with everyone below got "outside the scope" one?? ^^;)

Looking at that "In Development" status, I certainly hope and will keep in tune for the update ^^

Once the game starts, don't just type 'leave'. Look for keywords in the things people say. Specifically, there are four consequences for which you need to prepare, for the demo. You can tell when you see a message in orange text. Try asking about the 'objective'. Maybe you'll see some keywords in what the team says...

"killed by unseen consequences outside the scope of this demo"

and then the full version never came to be.


I love the audio, but how do you start past the title screen? Ive tried all the buttons and random clicked for 10 minutes, but nothing is happening.


That's a rare bug I haven't identified yet; it might have to do with the app losing focus on startup. Refreshing the page and starting the game right away usually solves it!


For anyone who stumbles on this, I had trouble with Firefox on Linux – just got to the opening image with them sitting around a table, but no dialog. Relaunching the game in Chrome solved the problem.

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Loved the game, I finished it, and yeah it's very sad that "outside scope" ending.... All characters are really nice so I expected a better ending in spite of being a demo