Welcome to the first public demo of One Last Cup.

  • Keyboard to type
  • ENTER/SPACE to proceed
  • SHIFT to toggle previous text
  • UP/DOWN to navigate previous text
  • 0 to toggle audio
Alex Zandra - @havochq
Lena - @kuraine
Erica - @aurahack
v0.50: Limited dictionary at the moment. Thank you for understanding. <3


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The short introductions of each characters through their own dialogues is rather charming and well-narrated, but man a little bit continuation about their circumstances wouldn't hurt :"D

 (I got "..killed by autonomus.....and they never drank together again", what's with everyone below got "outside the scope" one?? ^^;)

Looking at that "In Development" status, I certainly hope and will keep in tune for the update ^^

"killed by unseen consequences outside the scope of this demo"

and then the full version never came to be.


I love the audio, but how do you start past the title screen? Ive tried all the buttons and random clicked for 10 minutes, but nothing is happening.


That's a rare bug I haven't identified yet; it might have to do with the app losing focus on startup. Refreshing the page and starting the game right away usually solves it!

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Loved the game, I finished it, and yeah it's very sad that "outside scope" ending.... All characters are really nice so I expected a better ending in spite of being a demo