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Relaxing with a purring cat can make people feel better…
…but did you know purring makes the cat 
feel better too?

Some folks see the daily challenges we’ve made it a habit to overcome and can’t stop themselves from trying to help. Surely there’s a way. Surely there’s something we haven’t already tried. And sometimes we humor them, because even though their solution isn’t for the right problem… what if this one works? What this is the one that helps?

What have we got to lose?

A first-person exploration of anxiety, Feline Therapy is my biggest departure yet; lighter on the gender feels, heavier on the ways we face our problems and the ways we escape them. It’s my first full-color book, as well as my first collaboration with a professional illustrator. I hope you like it!

Please enjoy, and let’s keep making wonderful things together.

Featuring the art of Satellite 9!

This is a light novel of 33 pages with 5 interior color illustrations.

[content warning: this story deals with altered states of sentience; the last half gets intense, so please give yourself time to read it in one go]

Want to see more? Go check out the official Feline Therapy art book! Featuring more art from Satellite 9, as well as creator commentary from the both of us!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Reposting my review as a comment since reviews don't show up in most places on here:

Shoot I'm crying. I wasn't sure how I was going to go at a couple parts, and I got anxious a little...but I pushed through it. and oh my god this is the best thing ever. There's just so much and it's so beautiful and it all feels so peaceful in the end. Everything turned out okay and it took all the time it needed to happen. I love this so much. Thank you, Zandra. <3 <3 <3


Do not take the content warning lightly, and remember this is a Zandra story where bad endings don't happen, and you should be able to have much fun with this one. Try to let yourself go with the flow of the main character's feelings for the best experience possible. If you don't, it might become a bit more distressing to go through.


Was quite an enjoyable read


Highly recommended! Do pay attention to the content notice. Still don't regret it though :)