The captain's away! Time to show the galaxy how a REAL problem-solver gets stuff done!

Every situation can only be solved by making a decisive choice: do you ATTACK... or give CHICKEN?

Make it so, Commander Ryckert!

(Headphones recommended. If you want a different resolution, download a ZIP file and stretch the executable inside as big or as small as you want!)

(With special thanks to Dan Ryckert and Jeff Gerstmann of and Danny O'Dwyer of

Download the intro theme here! (If you want it for some reason)

More information

Published 2 years ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorAlex Zandra Van Chestein
TagsComedy, Parody, Pixel Art, Sci-fi

Install instructions

Just unzip and go! :D


Download (38 MB)
Download (32 MB)
Download (33 MB)
Download (31 MB)
Download (39 MB)
Download (41 MB)

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