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It's been a year since Tabbi became a catgirl and she still isn't any closer to figuring out where to go in life. So when an unusual—but appropriate—part-time job opportunity comes her way, what reason does she have to turn it down?

Hey hi! You're about to read a short story that takes place after the events of Cat Wishes, a light novel I wrote a few years ago. It's also about catgirls! You should probably read it before continuing further. You'll enjoy this story more, avoid a bunch of spoilers, and understand the characters better too. (That said, it's entirely up to you!)

Please enjoy, and let’s keep making wonderful things together.

This is a short light novel of 22 pages with 1 cover & 4-5 interior black & white illustrations.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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This was a really sweet read. I loved seeing where everyone went after the end of the original story! Tabbi as a therapy catgirl is such a cute direction for her, and it's so sweet  seeing her pleasant surprise at how well it suited her. VAGUE SPOILERS but the surprise near the ending about who the repairman was a GREAT touch, even if it threw me when it was first dropped because of who I was expecting him to be.  I'll always be up for more Cat Wishes content!


Is it possible to get this in epub? Hope it’s not too big an ask! <3

I'm still working on it, sorry about the wait! ^^ One day I will have an easier time making reflowable epubs...

May I help in any way? I’ve already got the PDF, and I’ve made epubs before using an application called Sigil (can’t promise I’m an expert, though :grin:).

With your permission, I could try extracting the text from the PDF and making up an epub, and then post it to you on Discord. Is that okay? Would that be useful?

It's okay, I've got the epub version ready! Everyone who owns the short story can now download it. Hopefully it works for you! <3


<3 This is awesome, thanks!

As a clarification, I’m happy to make my own epub, if now isn’t a good time. I don’t need you to feel rushed.


Awwwwww, this was so cute! Your stories always make me so happy <3


Very cute and nice! A good read :3