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Esmeralda is such a noodle incident she's not quite literally made of noodles and it might be my low-key fav thing.


pwease make something freeeeeee ive seen these books and wanted too buy dem but i cant :(


This was another great read. Thank you so much for making it!

Do you think Penelope could come up with a boy potion in a future edition? That would be a really neat addition to her inventory. <3


Oh she for sure already has! ^^ It wouldn't make sense to only carry one kind of those.

Absolutely lovely! Enjoyed this from start to finish. And the epilogue story was a very nice touch

Been following Alex's works since the Cat Wishes book. I'm always excited for her books and I am never disappointed. They are very positive, uplifting stories which reveal more information each time you reread them. Gender feels, wholesome love and friendship, and compassionate understanding can all be found here.

<3 a very comfortable story universe

Eeeek, I'm so excited!!